Cable winch works with tipping winch construction and tilting support shield.

Heavy winch jobs can be done almost everywhere, e.g. on steep slopes, banks, swamp, roads, tarmac, water crossings etc.

This winch vehicle has been highly developed down to the last detail, and Stands out for short set-up times and rapid deployment from one site to another. The variable adjustment range of the long support arm, the tilting support shield and tipping winch all ensure perfect anchoring even on embankments, where the tractor vehicle stays on the road.

The sophisticated kinematics and the tipping/tilting support shield provide a secure hold for up to 160 tonnes of traction on any type of terrain.
The hydrostatic winch drive makes even the heaviest winching jobs conductible with very fine control.

It is the perfect machine to pull a Pipe and Cable Plow and at the same time transport vehicle on streets and highways.

Application ränge:

  • Towing Föckersperger Cable Plow
  • WinchTruck with road approval
  • Pipe pull-in
  • Securing and recovering machinery
  • Towing track plows
  • Tractive assistance for pipe rehabilitation
  • Tractive assistance for new pipe laying
  • And much more